Our websites are down as we inspect the website for security reasons and we perform security upgrades.

Please check back next week and check your email in the next few days.

We apologize for this inconvenience
On Friday October 19th we were notified from a source we feel is credible that a security reseacher got access into our message boards and downloaded message board registration information. This included four basic pieces of information: email address's, Posting ID's, ENCRYPTED passwords (not your actual passwords) and the IP address used when someone registered.

This person reported that they were able to exploit a script we use. We are working with the security reseacher to identify and remedy this potential vulnerability.

While we investigate this security issue we have decided to temporarily turn off our message boards. This person told us that they were not going to publish the information but did it to identify websites with this type if security issue. If this is true, we have to assume others might have also gotten this information with not so honest intentions.

As you know our websites keep separate systems of those that post on the message board and those that have become paid members of this website. They are two completely separate and different systems. The paid members information is NOT suspect and is not stored or managed by us but rather the credit card processing company that processes the transactions. Our website never has had this information about paid members. So we believe at this time paid member customers were NOT affected or compromised.

When you post on the message board your email address and posting ID is already shown in your post. Thus, if someone is able to "crack the code" of the encrypted posting password they might be able to log into other websites that you use the same password associated with that posting ID or email address on our website.

While we investigate this and take steps to UPDATE our own website we encourage everyone to be safe and to change their passwords used on other websites especially if they are using the same password on other websites that is used to post on our message board.

We will be further updating this page so check back for more information.

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